About Chip Timing


A running race may have start, intermediate and finish line timing points. RFID also makes it fairer for runners to be given a NET time (Chip Time) when they cross the start line, not just when the gun goes off (Gun Time). UHF technology is now the number one technology used for mass participation running events but is equally at home with small weekly club races.

Running Events Using RFID Race Timing Systems

Copenhagen Marathon (DK), Great Ocean Marathon (AUS), HBF Run 4 Reason (AUS), Helsinki Marathon (FIN), Jakarta Marathon (ID), Oslo Marathon (NOR), KASS Marathon (KEN), Linz Marathon (AT), Manchester Marathon (UK), SPAR Womens Run (SA), Tel Aviv Marathon (ISR), Two Oceans Marathon (SA)


The Ultra8 is our ultimate solution designed specifically for running events with more than 500 participants or where the maximum number of antennas need to be deployed. With the ability to connect up to 8 antennas this system gives the user the greatest flexibility to time events of any size and is popular with Contract Timers and large running event organisers around the world.

  • Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Passive Timing System.
  • Comes Complete with 8 Antenna Mats (1m wide each)
  • Capable of Reading any unlocked Gen2 UHF Timing Chip
  • Internal Battery with 6hr run time